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Our Ecological Landscape Services

Consultation Services

Consultation services are available for clients wishing to deepen their understanding of the plants and animals who co-inhabit their garden spaces. During a 1 hour garden walk, we discuss native plants to enhance existing landscaping, practices which support and promote pollinators and other native fauna, and options for expanding ecological landscaping into existing low-functioning areas. 

Consultation discussions include:

  • Site-specific landscaping techniques
  • Native plant suggestions
  • Waterscaping such as rain gardens and wildlife water access
  • Hardscaping such as permeable surfaces and wildlife shelter
  • Identification of plant species considered invasive in Pennsylvania
  • Suggestions for enhancing the ecological value of existing landscaping

Ecological landscape service consultations may be an initial step in the Design and Install process, or may be all an inspired gardener needs to incorporate more ecologically beneficial practices into their existing gardens.

Garden Design Services

Designs are hand-rendered scaled drawings of the site based on our consultation conversations.  Design services include a detailed plant palette and budget, as well as sourcing information and guidance on long term stewardship. We design for ecosystem health, beauty, wildlife habitat, resilience, and functionality.

Installation Services

Installation begins after design approval. We start with site preparation including soil analysis and invasive plant removal, using mechanical and cultural methods to ready a site prior to planting.  Planting takes place in spring and fall for optimal plant establishment.


We are committed the beauty and success of our installations and to helping clients feel confident in maintaining their ecological landscapes. Clients may chose to continue our relationship after installation with garden stewardship services.  We use hand tools and electric equipment and focus on collaboration and client education.

How it Works

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Contact us to discuss your unique space and vision and how our ecological landscape services will meet your needs. We are looking forward to helping you find inspiration in a beautiful, biodiverse, thriving landscape. And YES, we do work around existing landscaping that isn’t overly invasive.

1. Contact Us

Use our contact form to get in touch. We’ll discuss your project and specific goals and you’ll receive written information about Meadowsweet’s services including availability, timeline, and pricing.

2. Onsite consultation

We will meet for a 1 hour land walk to discuss options for building habitat, reducing maintenance, and beautifying your garden space.  The fee for this consultation is $100 and applies to the deposit for clients who choose our other services.

3. Expanded Services

After the consultation, clients may choose to continue with Meadowsweet’s ecological landscape services, including design, installation, and stewardship services.

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