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About Meadowsweet Botanicals


Meadowsweet Botanicals began in 2017 when Sarah and her family moved from a house in town to a small farm on the banks of Pine Creek in Woodward.  As a lifelong gardener and herbalist, Sarah was eager to cultivate a garden at her new home.  As the mother of an infant and a practicing midwife, she had little time to do more than observe the land and neglect the previous inhabitants’ carefully clipped shrubs and half acre of mowed lawn.  This period proved an enormous gift.  Sarah fell in love with the myriad of bird, insect, reptile, and amphibian species she saw, and began to deepen her appreciation of the food web of her family’s farm.  Her background in ecology fueled a desire to understand more completely the beauty and complexity of native plant/animal interdependence.

Cultivating her own ecological landscape soon led Sarah to connect with clients who wished to grow healthy habitat.  She began planting pollinator gardens and replacing low functioning landscapes with ecologically rich native landscaping.  In 2019 Meadowsweet’s team began to grow to accommodate her clients’ needs and Sarah began propagation of many native plant species at her family’s farm, Fiddler’s Bend.  Heather joined Meadowsweet in 2022 and brings a fresh perspective and capability to the process of installation and stewardship.

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Our Team

Sarah DePasquale

Sarah DePasquale


Sarah’s love of plants began as a child in California, where she divided her time between her family’s beautifully landscaped urban backyard and a wilderness homestead in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  She studied botany, landscape architecture, and ecology at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Conservation and Resource Studies in 1999.  Her winding path has included homesteading, three seasons as a wildland firefighter, a career as a homebirth midwife, and an ongoing study and practice in herbalism, permaculture, and ecological landscape design.

Sarah is the owner of Meadowsweet Botanicals and  serves as consultant, designer, and nurserywoman, as well as working directly on installation and stewardship.  She lives at Fiddler’s Bend with her husband and son, a brown dog named Bailey, and a whole lot of plants.

Heather House

Heather House

One of Heather’s earliest memories is of sitting poolside at her grandparents Florida home, eating an avocado grown by her grandfather.  But it wasn’t until she was as in college that Heather discovered she had inherited the green thumb gene and that she, too, had a knack for gardening and houseplants.  Heather went on to earn a masters degree in Sustainable Systems, with a focus on agriculture.  She spent a number of years working for the non-profit Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture where she coordinated field days and conference workshops.  But studying agriculture is not nearly so fun (or grounding!) as putting plants in the soil with one’s own hands, so these days Heather is a happy member and manager of the installation and maintenance crew. 

Heather lives in Spring Mills where she and her three children are breathing life into their new home and yard. 

Our Commitment

At Meadowsweet we believe that gardens are communities that include the humans who care for them.  We are committed to fostering diversity and nourishing the health of all people and to a living wage for all members of our team.  We propagate many of the plants we install at our small farm and greenhouse in Woodward, Pennsylvania, prioritizing local ecotypes and genetic diversity.  Fiddler’s Bend Farm is located in the Upper Penns Creek watershed, a small tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, on Susquehannock Nation land.

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